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The mango tango sushi rolls ($11), are filled with cucumber, jalapeño, white fish and cilantro topped with mango and roe. Photos by Alyssa Groh/22nd Century Media
One of Bangkok Tokyo’s entrees, padki-mao ($8.99), includes stir-fried spicy flat rice noodles, peapods, baby corn, hot pepper, basil leaves and egg in special sauce.
The Pad Thai ($8.99) contains stir-fried thin rice noodles with choice of meat, bean sprouts, tofu, scrambled eggs, chopped ground peanuts on the side in a light sweet and sour tamarind sauce.
Bangkok Tokyo’s coconut shrimp ($6.95), is served with a side of tangerine and mango sauce.
The panning curry is made with brown curry with meat cooked in coconut milk, bell peppers and fresh basil leaves.
Tom yum soup ($8.99) includes hot and sour chicken in broth topped with bell peppers, straw mushroom, lime juice, lemon grass and galanga root.
Chicken satay ($5.95), a chicken skewer marinated in Thai curry and herbs served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.
Megan Bernard, Editor
11:10 am CDT July 11, 2017

Years ago, Kip Sangsawang worked as a United Airlines flight attendant, making the six-hour route from Bangkok, Thailand to Tokyo, Japan four to five times per month. 

During layovers in Narita, Sangsawang, originally from Thailand, would go out for sushi because she loved Japanese food.