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Contributing Columnists

Jennifer Bennett, Glencoe resident

Good Day Glencoe: ‘Oh, well’ days: We all have them
12:47 am CDT October 12, 2017 by Jennifer Bennett, Glencoe resident Opinion, Contributing Columnists
Have you ever had one of those days where you just shrug your shoulders and say, “Oh well?”

Kelly Anderson, Glencoe resident

City Girl Confessions: Over-the-top weather yields over-the-top emotion
12:31 am CDT April 19, 2018 by Kelly Anderson, Glencoe resident Opinion, Contributing Columnists
I will aim to savor the moments and remember to smile and play in the snow — even when it’s out of season and unexpected.

Mikaela Ritchie, Glencoe Resident

Summer Reads: Grisham slowly reels readers in ‘Camino Island’
12:36 am CDT August 24, 2017 by Mikaela Ritchie, Glencoe Resident Opinion, Contributing Columnists
On a break from reading memoirs, I came across John Grisham’s best-selling “Camino Island.”