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Letters to the Editor

Letter to Editor: Defend the renowned teacher Martin

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As a District 35 School Board Member (1995-1999), I must defend the renowned teacher who has been viciously attacked on Facebook in order to get the recent coverage in The Glencoe Anchor and other local press. Apparently, one — and...

Letter: LWV asks voters to support voting integrity

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The League of Women Voters of Glenview/Glencoe urges voters to support the Illinois State Board of Elections in their efforts to maintain the integrity of the voting process and the privacy of Illinois citizens. In an open letter to...

Letter to Editor: LGBTQ backlash at New Trier

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This letter was sent to New Trier’s administration, and in result, they have been very supportive of and eager to impart the change we have requested:

My name is Nick Collins, and I am currently a rising senior at...