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Letters to the Editor

Letter to Editor: Distressed over youth behavior in North Shore

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I was walking my dogs on Sheridan Road last week and came upon an 80-year-old female friend who had just celebrated her birthday. I had not seen her at the health club for a while and asked if she had been traveling. What she told me...

Letter to Editor: Response to ‘no evidence found’ in D35 investigation

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Glencoe school teacher Marvin Martin was/is a pedophile. Same, same. He molested me when I was a boy in 1970-71.

Much like myself, many other grown men had confided in friends as they grew, and some of those have come...

Letter to Editor: Reconsider misguided feelings

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(In response to an editorial published Aug. 31 by Ben Weinstein in The Glencoe Anchor):

You state that, “The towns in which I grew up are often viewed as lacking tolerance and diversity rivaled only by the lack of...