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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Focus on the many benefits of coyotes

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Numerous reports have surfaced lately about coyote sightings in Glencoe. Some folks have raised concerns about their potential risks to people and pets. Risks do exist, but there are remedies like keeping babies and animals in safe...

Letter: Democrats stay silent on Madigan’s antics

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With all the attention the #MeToo movement has had, you would think it would be impossible for anyone — and in particular anyone in a serious leadership position — to ignore documented, unequivocal sexual harassment. 


Letter to Editor: Distressed over youth behavior in North Shore

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I was walking my dogs on Sheridan Road last week and came upon an 80-year-old female friend who had just celebrated her birthday. I had not seen her at the health club for a while and asked if she had been traveling. What she told me...