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Glencoe’s Josh Kuppersmith headed to New Trier four years ago looking for a new athletic challenge. 

Kuppersmith, who is soon headed to Harvard University for his freshman year, played a number of sports growing up: basketball, soccer, lacrosse and cross-country. 

Then he thought he’d give rowing a try — when he tried out, he’d never rowed before. 

Fouad Egbaria
Millions of Americans are captivated by television programs every day, but only a select few get to do the captivating.
Fouad Egbaria
Northshore Pizza Company is brand new in Northfield, but customers may recognize a familiar taste.
Eric DeGrechie
"Glencoe has its own little niche in itself."
Megan Bernard
It’s no secret that the Loyola and New Trier hockey programs are not fond of each other. The two programs, which have combined to win five of the last six state titles in the state’s top class, have a rivalry that fills rinks every time they play.
Michael Wojtychiw
Downtown Glencoe studio to have new family, tween, music classes
Megan Bernard

The gray skies opened up and the rain fell as Karen Kristoff and Beth O’Harra drove into Glencoe on Thursday, April 9. 

By Saturday, April 11, the skies were clearer, the temperature in the low 60s — a perfect day for a wedding. 

O’Harra and Kristoff, both 45, drove from Lebanon, Ohio, to Glencoe for their marriage ceremony at Glencoe’s St. Elisabeth’s Episcopal Church, 556 Vernon Ave. The wedding was the first same-sex marriage held at the church. (Same-sex marriage in Illinois only became legal in June 2014.) 

Fouad Egbaria
A man attempted to lure two 11-year-old girls into his vehicle near the Glencoe-Winnetka border on Monday, July 25, according to a Glencoe Department of Public Safety release.
Fouad Egbaria
Waking up at 2:30 a.m. to get to work doesn’t bother Danielle Robay — it’s her jam.
Megan Bernard

Since 2005, the North Shore Chess Club has been meeting at the local Starbucks in Glencoe once a week from 7-9 p.m. to enjoy good conversation and fun chess games in a laid-back atmosphere.

Every Wednesday, the small group of seven drops in for both regular and fast chess games played at one or two of the long tables next to the windows. The club does not hold tournaments, but the games are competitive and fun. No fee is required to join and members can even bring their own chess sets. 

Fouad Egbaria