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The red bean hummus ($6) is a southern spin on the Mediterranean favorite. The appetizer comes complete with house-made pita chips tossed in cumin. Photos by Xavier Ward/22nd Century Media
The Brie and apple flatbread ($12) is a traditional flatbread topped with pesto, Brie, sliced green apple and fried arugula tossed in a sherry vinaigrette.
The pan-seared pork tenderloin ($21) is served on a bed of cubed sweet potato, corn, dried cherry succotash and drizzled in a bourbon barbecue sauce.
The grilled salmon ($22) is a thick salmon fillet nestled on a roasted vegetable hash.
Michael Wojtychiw, Sports Editor
12:00 am CDT March 30, 2018
When Delta Hotels opened in Glenview last April, it had a partner in crime starting up with it: Bourbon Kitchen and Tap.