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Peter Kaspari, Contributing Editor
8:21 am CDT September 19, 2019

Lake Forest High School officials are asking parents and staff to be aware after a suspicious incident was reported Monday evening, Sept. 16, on Sheridan Road near Lake Forest College, reports our sister paper, The Lake Forest Leader. 

According to an alert from the school, an unidentified man was approaching women and asking them for directions, telling them his GPS wasn’t working. The school said they pass along alerts from the police department when they receive them.

“The unknown driver proceeds to make comments on the female’s personal appearance and then drives away,” the alert from the high school says.

Lake Forest Deputy Police Chief Rob Copeland said officers are investigating and believe they may know who the suspect is and are trying to get in touch with them.

The suspect never made any threats to the women and never left the car, Copeland said.

Only one incident was reported Sept. 16 at Lake Forest College, but Copeland said there was also a report that the car was seen by Lake Forest Academy. Police are investigating the secondary report as well. 

The school said the suspect is described as a heavyset white male between the ages of 30-40, with shoulder-length dirty blonde hair.

He was driving an older model Honda Civic with tinted windows, a modified muffler and large rear spoiler. The vehicle is also lowered with large white “MINT” lettering in the top center of the windshield.


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