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The Michoacan grilled avocado and shrimp ($19.95) is served with sauteed vegetables and Mexican rice at Guanajuato in Glencoe. Megan Bernard/22nd Century Media
The Caterpillar Roll ($14.29) at Wilmette’s AO Sushi features eel, tempura crunch, and spicy mayo with avocado on top. Erica Gelman/22nd Century Media
The crispy tavern shrimp wrap ($14.99) from Glenview’s Valley Lodge Restaurant comes with spicy shrimp, chopped lettuce, green onion and sirachi aioli wrapped in a light tortilla. Chris Pullam/22nd Century Media
The avocado burrito ($6.50) is made with refried beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese and avocado in a flour tortilla. Erin Yarnall/22nd Century Media
Grille No. 43’s avocado toast ($12) is served on toasted sourdough bread and topped with avocado, pine nut butter, watermelon radish, two sunnyside-up eggs and spring greens. Alyssa Groh/22nd Century Media
The Ragin’ Cajun wrap ($9.25) is made with cajun chicken, avocado, jack cheese, chipotle mayo, tomato, grilled onion and chipotle pepper, served in a spinach tortilla. Martin Carlino/22nd Century Media
Taco Nano’s adobo skirt steak taco ($4) features a hot corn tortilla piled with strips of well-done steak, onion, cilantro, a hint of lime and a slice of avocado. Jacqueline Glosniak/22nd Century Media
Staff Report
12:01 am CDT June 1, 2018
From salads and sandwiches to even sushi and smoothies, avocados are turning up in just about everything nowadays.