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Three-year-old Marie Cleveland, visiting from California, enjoys a snack during the Fourth of July parade in Glencoe. (Photos by Gerri Fernandez)
Charlotte Sampson, 6, of Glencoe, eagerly awaits what's coming next in the parade.
A packed float from Coldwell Banker flings candy into the crowd.
To get a better view, Alana Kulakosky, 6, of Glencoe, sits atop the shoulders of her father, David.
(Director of Glencoe Parks District Chris Leiner waves from atop a tractor during the parade.
Friends (left to right) Kyla Belcher, 14, Julia Hal,l 14, Mia Kotler, 14, and Elie Kotler, 9, take in the parade.
The Mens Library Club spoofed "Animal House" with its entry for the parade. Photo Submitted
Hilary Anderson, Freelance Reporter
11:33 am CDT July 6, 2018

Glencoe loves its 4th of July parades, and this year was no different. 

Families and friends began lining up along the parade route long before the event started, while neighbors gathered, catching up each other’s lives as they waited for the parade to begin.

The Sampson family staked out a spot near the corner of Park and Vernon avenues.

“I love Glencoe,” Michelle Sampson said. “It reminds of the Windsor [England] country, village lifestyle. Everyone is so friendly.”