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Potential demolition alternatives discussed for Frank Lloyd Wright property

by Submitted Content News, Local Government, Village

Owing to the historical and architectural significance of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Sherman Booth Cottage, located at 239 Franklin Road in Glencoe, representatives of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, the chairman of...

New Trier Township Meeting: Growth of peer jury program spans two decades

by Daniel I. Dorfman, Freelance Reporter News, Local Government

When a New Trier Township teenager finds themselves in criminal trouble, their destination is not necessarily juvenile court. In some cases, they may wind up in front of a jury of their peers as part of a program that has now been in...

Election 2019: Jonathan Vree for Glencoe Village Board

by Submitted Content News, Local Government, Village

Name: Jonathan Vree

Age: 46

Residence: Glencoe

Occupation: Investment Advisor

Past local government/relative experience: Glencoe Village Trustee