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A resident submitted this photo to the Village of Glencoe after reporting a coyote sighting in the 200 block of Mary Street. Photo Submitted
This coyote was spotted on Carol Lane near Turnbull Woods in Glencoe. Courtesy of Glencoe resident George Krafcisin
Megan Bernard, Editor
2:43 pm CDT April 13, 2018

The end of coyote mating season has resulted in a spike of sightings in Glencoe within the past few weeks.

“My best guess is that the females may have gone into dens and the males are out and about,” said Katie Sweeney, a Glencoe Public Safety officer. “The calls that I have gotten most recently — and photos that have been sent — are those of a single coyote. I did receive video of a pair (of coyotes) over one month ago and the larger of the two matches the single coyote photos.”