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Graham Avsec (left), 2, of Glencoe, and his mom Leigh Avsec sit in the driver’s seat of a Glencoe Public Works vehicle during the Public Works/Public Safety open house on Saturday, July 25, in Glencoe. Photos by Evan J. Thomas/22nd Century Media
Jordan Sleddens (right) helps Ava Pratt, 7, of Hoffman Estates put on a protective vest during the open house event.
Inga Kramer, 2 of Glencoe, has her turn at the controls of one of the vehicles on display.
Andrew Sager (left), 2 and Jim Rosenbloom, of Glencoe, enjoy a ride in the “bucket truck,” used by Village staff to access damaged trees and hang banners, among other uses.
Emmanuel Dzotsi, Staff Writer
4:45 pm CDT July 27, 2015

The Glencoe Departments of Public Works and Safety mingled with dozens of families this past Saturday, July 25, at their annual open house. 

The open house, which started 10 years ago, seeks to bring the public closer to its local servicemen. This is especially important in Glencoe, which is one of the only suburbs in Illinois to have a Public Safety system in which police, fire and paramedic services are all under one roof.