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New Trier sophomore (left to right) Kristy Zeng, Seoho Lee and Carly Chrabaszcz learn how a thunder drum works at New Trier’s Haunted Lab Thursday, Oct. 30. Photos by Nicki Koetting/22nd Century Media
Peyton Smith, 5, sets the skull pendulum in motion during the New Trier Haunted Lab.
New Trier freshman Meagan Rittmanic stares at an optical illusion.
Nicki Koetting, Assistant Editor
10:43 am CST November 4, 2014

Physics concepts are scary enough on their own, but combined with skeletons, ghosts and ghoulish creatures, they can be downright terrifying.

That was the idea behind the New Trier science department’s Haunted Lab exhibit, on display at the school’s Brierly Gallery from Oct. 27-31. 

The Haunted Lab presented physics concepts, such as light reflection, periodic motion and sound waves, but in an interactive format.