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New Trier celebrating its victory over Loyola in the state title game Friday, March 23, at the United Center. Photos by Scott Margolin/22nd Century Media
New Trier's Dylan Kochman (17) clears the puck from the zone.
New Trier goalie Preston Watt (32) defends the goal.
Loyola's Matthew Choate (35) deflects a shot taken by New Trier's Trent Kadin (63)
New Trier's Mac Zelazny (13) takes a shot that's stopped by Loyola's Matthew Choate (35)
Loyola's Matthew Choate (35) blocks a shot by New Trier's Brian Dolby
New Trier's Tyler Baird (88) taking a shot on goal
New Trier's Gavin Randle (24) taking control of the puck
Loyola's Eamon O'Brien (21) taking a shot at the crowded New Trier goal
Staff Report
12:45 pm CDT March 23, 2019
New Trier Green won its 13th title by defeating Loyola Gold 2-0.